Playlist #30 feat. Captain Ahab Live

Special thanks to Jonat8han Snipes (a.k.a. Captain Ahab) for making a special appearance and for performing *LIVE* this evening. Also, congratulations to the three lucky winners of the Bot Pirate 12″ on Irritant Records.

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Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Herrmann & Kleine :: Still Tired [Our Noise] Morr Music
Line Noise :: Basement of Madness [Demo] LacedMilk
Dwayne Sodahberk :: Participateur [Don’t Want To Know You] Tigerbeat6
Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] :/Run Rec.
Tim Koch :: Meshugganah.Methugganah (Fourplay) [Mine Is Yours] n5MD
Tim Koch :: Early Rings.Late Night Pick Up Window (Proem) [Mine Is Yours] n5MD
Captain Ahab *LIVE*
3 copies of Bot Pirate 12″ Giveaway (Irritant Records)
Colongib :: Mega Blaster Fiend [Blip Bleep] Blip Bleep
Goudron :: Horses & Chariots [Horses & Chariots] Ersatz Audio
DMX Krew :: Soul Minor [Touch Me] Ersatz Audio
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Dynamite Fresh [RUOK?] :/Run Rec
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Anon [Earth Dance] CyberOctave
DHS :: House of God (Number#9 Bad Acid) [House of God] Hangman
DHS :: Attention Earth People [Attention Earth People
Bass Kittens :: [4 Things I Hate About You] Pretension
Tino :: Living Dead [Tino’s Breaks :: Vol. 6 Hallowe’en Dub] TinoCorp
Tino :: Zombies Walk Dub [Tino’s Breaks :: Vol. 6 Hallowe’en Dub] TinoCorp
Polycubist :: Jack and Jillted [Selector EP] Skor
MAD :: My Domain [Awaken] Reg Agee Demo
Bovaflux :: Trimuta [s/t] [D]Tached

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Playlist #29

Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Indio :: Free [Indio] Transmat
Aural Planet :: Subtropolis [5 Ex Engine] Vivo
Fiat600 :: D’Auseil [Erich Zann] Purec
Black Faction :: Cartesian [Reworked] Vivo
Kettel :: Be Nice Dust [Smiling Little Cow] Neo Ouija
Patio :: Behind Bike Sheds [Parallel Play] Involve
Aphex Twin :: Analogue Bubblebath [Analogue Bubblebath] TVT
Bipolar Controller :: Sparkling Souls [Demo] Laced Milk
Phoenecia :: Thong [Randa Roomet] Warp
Eight Frozen Modules :: Repulsive Guzzle [Thought Process Disorder] Orthlorng Musork
Eu :: Eusday [Warm Math] Pause2
Portland :: Watching Her [Fragile Constitution] n5MD
Gridlock :: Front [Trace] Possessive Blindfold
MAD :: My Domain [Awaken] Reg Agee Demo
Meat Beat Manifesto :: No Echo In Space [RUOK?] :/Run/Skor
Jack Dangers :: Echo In Space [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
Basin Jently :: Not Playing Solitaire [MBM :: Remix Project] Digital::Chemist
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Prime Audio Soup (Bo Square Freemix) [Unreleased] Mike Powell
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: Atomic Clock [Attention Earth People] TinoCorp
Emergency Broadcast Network :: Electronic Behavior Control System [Telecommunication Breakdown] TVT
Tino :: Musica Mambo [Tino’s Breaks Vol.4 (2nd Edition)] TinoCorp
Tino :: Wicked Insane Evil Dub [Tino’s Breaks :: Hallowe’en Breaks] TinoCorp
Metamatics :: The Pod (Landau) [Remodeled] Civik
Aural Planet :: Phoebus [5 Ex Engine] Vivo
El Clon :: Crinoline Flowers [Falling Rooms] El Clon
Mad EP :: Math.A.Mad.Deck :: Cinco Dan Mayo [Mad EP] Unreleased
Squarepusher :: Do You Know Squarepusher [Do You Know..] Warp
Jason Prine :: DNB Cut’n’Paste Mix [Phasmid :: Cooper is on Bubbles Remixes] Skylab Operations
Tim Koch :: Rz (Bauri Mix) [Please Don’t Tell Me… Remixes] Aural Industries
Mr. Projectile :: Gonna Make You Sweat [Psychokinesis] Psychonavigation
Funckarma :: Emplix [Solid State] DUB
Bad Loop :: Luume [Favourite Things] Kahvi Collection
Skope :: Bouncing Ball Mix [Phasmid :: Cooper is on Bubbles Remixes] Skylab Operations
Boards of Canada :: Amo Bishop Roden [In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country] Warp/Music70
Supersax :: Moose the Mooche [Supersax Plays Bird] Capitol

Playlist #28 feat. Interfxrence mix

Interfxrence *MIX*
Featuring Tied & Tickled Trio, Curry Park, Casino vs. Japan, Isan, D’Arcangelo, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Boom Bip etc.

Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Maps & Diagrams :: Sova Bureau [Sova Polytuft Bureau-Tech] Demo
Andres Estermann :: Fragile [Men With Boxes] DUB
Carl Craig :: Wonderful Life (Epic Mix) [Wonderful Life EP] Planet E
CiM :: Forward [Icons Vol.1] Emoticon
Portland :: Duce Duce [Fragile Constitution] n5MD
I Am Robot & Proud :: (The Uberkids) Count to Six [You Make me This Happy] Piehead
Seofon :: Eth [Immanent] Archipelago
Line Noise :: Tetradextrious Communications-384 [Demo] LacedMilk
Tim Koch :: Room40.Borken English (Lawrence English) [Mine Is Yours] n5MD
Chris DeLuca :: One [Unknown EP] MAS
Anomalous Disturbances :: Blue Honey [The Spirit Molecule] Bug in My Ear Music
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Dynamite Fresh [RUOK?] Run
Coil :: Snow (Answers Come in Dreams II) [The Snow EP] Wax Trax
BiGod 20 :: One (Jack Dangers Instrumental) [One] Sire
Meat Beat Manifesto :: It’s the Music [Original Fire] PIAS/Nothing
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: Uranus [Attention Earth People] TinoCorp
Tino :: I Like it Mambo [Tino’s Breaks Vol.4 (2nd Edition)] TinoCorp
Tino :: Wicked Insane Evil Dub [Hallowe’en Dub] TinoCorp
DaCapo :: I Live 4 Drugz [MBM :: Remix Project] Digital::Chemist
The Egyptian Lover :: Egypt, Egypt [ElectroFunk Pt. 2] Rhino/Skanless
Lowfish :: The Accident Causer [The Accident Causer EP] Ersatz Audio
Rusuden :: Baloo is a Bear [Parcinx Mind EP] Sonic Terror
Interfxrence Exclusive [Mix] Edwin Wong/Suction Records
Aphex Twin :: Green Calx [Selected Ambient Works 85-92] R&S
Plastikman :: Are Friends Elektrik? [Artifacts (BC)] Novamute
Jay Migliori :: Where or When [The Courage] Trend
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hankerchief Head [RUOK?] Run

Playlist #27 feat. Meat Beat Manifesto interview

Congratulations to Keanan and Sharam both in So-Cal who won a copy of the highly anticipated and long-awaited Meat Beat Manifesto album, RUOK? CD on Run Recordings. RUOK? will be released Tuesday, October 15th, 2002.

Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] :/ Run
Diagram Of Suburban Chaos :: Meta ii [Status Negatives] Imputor?
Jello :: Vibe-A-Rolla [Voile] Peacefrog
Alexandroid :: Lax [Sinoptic] Art-Tek
Gridlock :: Front [Trace] Possessive Blindfold
Exclusive Interview w/ Jack Dangers
Meat Beat Manifesto :: all tracks from… [RUOK?] :/ Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: all tracks from… [Free Piece Suite] :/ Run
Tino :: Toasted Dub [Tino’s Breaks Vol. 5 :: Dub] TinoCorp
Tino :: Living Dead & Zombies Walk Dub [Tino’s Breaks: V.6 Hallowe’en Dub,] TinoCorp
Autechre :: Clipper [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Thumbtack Smoothie :: Rubber Buildings [Math is Hard] Manic Obsessive
Gescom :: Mag 3.1426 (Rmxd by Ae) [This EP] Skam
Push Button Objects :: Lockligger [Cash EP] Schematic
Vendor Refill :: Uniselector [Sysreq EP] Coredump
Skope :: Bouncing Ball Mix [Phasmid :: Cooper is on Bubbles Remixes] Skylab Operations
Bauri :: Undivided [The Slacker Journal] Neo Ouija
Captain Ahab :: I Wanna Love You Like a Robot [Bot Pirate EP] Irritant
Cocteau Twins :: Blue Bell Knoll [Blue Bell Knoll] 4AD
The Chameleons :: Is it Any Wonder [Tony Fletcher Walked on Water] Glass Pyramid
Intermix :: Voices [Intermix] Third Mind
Charlie Parker :: Out of No Where [Live At the High hat] Fresh Sound

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