Playlist #25

Esem :: Eloki [Ikae EP] DeFocus
Gridlock :: Caloc [Live.Traces] n5MD
Amon Tobin :: Cosmo Retro Intro Outro [Out From Out Where] Ninja Tune
Cardboardmen :: Behind Enemy Lines/The Landing [Live @ Invisible Cities NYC] Toshoklabs
Brothomstates :: Kivesq [Claro] Warp
Digitonal :: Come & Play [23 :: Things Fall Apart] Toytronic
Boards of Canada :: Telephasic Workshop [Music Has the Right to Children] Warp/Skam
Tim Tetlow :: Alpha Emotion [Beauty Walks a Razors Edge] Planet-Mu
Jello :: Vibe-A-Rolla [Voile] Peacefrog
Stereo De Norscq :: Wag (Jack Dangers’ N Mix) [20 Remixes :: Stereo De Norscq] Shambala
Jack Dangers :: Echo in Space [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Love Mad [Now Ep] Mute
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: Attention Earth People [Attention Earth People] TinoCorp
Tino :: Tropical Soul [Tino’s Breaks :: Vol 1&2] TinoCorp
Fire Escape :: Biological Liberty [Abandon Head] Iris Light
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Supersoul [RUOK?] :/Run Rec.
Basin Jently :: Not Playing Solitaire [MBM :: Remix Project] Digital::Chemist
Kraftwerk :: Pocket Calculator [The Mix] Elektra
Bass Construction :: Dance with Power [Dance with Power] Elicit
Urban Hype :: Trip to Trumpton [Raving Mad] Network
Altern8 :: Full-On Mask Hysteria (Ltd. Edition Mega Mix) [Full on Mask Hysteria] Network
Model 500 :: Vessels in Distress [The True Techno EP] Network
Ectomorph :: Parallax View [Subsonic Vibrations]
Transllusion :: Disrupted Neural Gateway [Mind Over Positive & Negative Dimensional Matter] Supremat
Adult. :: Side-Swiped [Resuscitation] Ersatz Audio
Nitzer Ebb :: Join in the Chant [Music of the Shadows V3.] K-Tel
Bauhaus :: Of Lilies And Remains [Mask] Beggars Banquet
Skinny Puppy :: Morpheus Laughing [Two Dark Park] Network
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult :: Days of Swine & Roses [Confessions of a Knife] Wax Trax
RevCo :: Attack Ships On Fire [Big Sexy Land] Wax Trax
Front 242 :: Quite Unusual [Official Version 86-87] Epic
Cameleons UK :: Swamp Thing [Swamp Thing 12″] Deconstruction
Supersax :: Hot House [Supersax Plays Bird] Discovery

Playlist #24

Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Digitonal :: Black Box [23:Things Fall Apart] Toytronic
Aphex Twin :: Alberto Balsalm […I Care Because You Do] Warp/Sire
Skope :: Bouncing Ball Mix [Phasmid :: Cooper is on Bubbles Remixes] Skylab Operations
ML :: Sidedish [Everyone Looks Like Somebody Else] n5MD
Gescom :: Sciew Spoc [Gescom EP] Skam
Line 47 :: Baloo is a Bear [Parcinx Mind EP] Sonic Terror
Sync.synthetic vs.Transmission :: Remit_23 [Remit_23/Xmit_13] Philtre
Richard Devine :: A1 [Richard Devine EP] Schematic
David Kristian :: Micronymph vsMeganymph [12″] Wicked
Multiplex :: Bleemic [Iroquois] Piehead
Atomchild :: Choice [Dreamers of Dreams MP3] Enough
Aspects Of Physics :: Pulse Width [Systems of Social Recalibration] Imputor?
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Soul Driver [Peel Sessions] BBC
The Mellowtrons :: Ordio, Take the Weight [Evacuate] Chill Out
Bo Square :: Radio 2000 [Sizing Things Up] TinoCorp
Mark Pistel :: Skin Up [Pistel] Baraka
Meat Beat Manifesto :: What Does it All Mean [RUOK?] :/Run/Skor
Tino :: Living Dead [Tino’s Breaks :: Vol6 Hallowe’en Dub] TinoCorp
Tino :: Zombies Walk Dub [Tino’s Breaks :: Vol6 Hallowe’en Dub] TinoCorp
Bass Kittens :: [4 Things I Hate About You] Pretension
Pellarin :: Community [Tangible Abstractions] Couchblip!
Technicolor :: Labor [2088] Skylab Operations
Jason Prine :: DNB Cut’n’Paste Mix [Phasmid :: Cooper is on Bubbles Remixes] Skylab Operations
Origin Unknown :: Valley of the Shadows [Valley of the Shadows] Ram
Panacea :: Untitled Shiver [Lo Profile Darkness] Force Inc.
ML :: No ;) On The -) [Everyone Looks Like Somebody Else] n5MD
Dntel :: Fear of Corners [Further Electronics Vol. 1] e:Motion
Skinny Puppy :: Warlock [Warlock] Nettwerk
Front 242 :: Headhunter 2000 (Clubmix) [Headhunter 2000] Music Research
Degiere :: 42 Mev H-Ray [Diffusion Chamber] Emanate
Lowfish :: Dead House [Misery Loves Company] Ersatz Audio
Charlie Parker :: Now is the Time [Highhat Allstars :: 1955] Fresh Sound

Playlist #23

Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
AFX :: Analogue Bubblebath [Analogue Bubblebath] TVT
Eu :: Wienn [Reframing] Pause2
Plaid :: Coat [P-Brane EP] Warp
Plaid :: Diddymousedid [P-Brane EP] Warp
Bauri :: Teddymx [Bauri/Novel23 7″] Awkward Silence
Ambulance :: Polyp (Battlecat RMX) [Fear001 EP] The Fear
Digitonal :: Drenchrom [23:Things Fall Apart] Toytronic
Portland :: Watching Her [Fragile Constitution] n5MD
Autechre :: Gantz_Graf [Gantz_Graf EP] Warp
Intermix :: Voices [Intermix] Third Mind
Vendor Refill :: Uniselector [Sysreq EP] Coredump
K-Rad :: Nothing [Deli Mood Spot] Some Odd Pilot
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: As High as it Can Go [Attention Earth People] TinoCorp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Supersoul [RUOK?] :/Run Rec./Skor
Bass Kittens :: Second Star [Unreleased] Pretension MP3
iNTROSPEKT :: UtET [Unreleased] Benny Sanches Demo
Jack Dangers :: No Secrets No Surprises [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Radio Babylon [Peel Sessions] BBC
DJ Da Capo :: I Live for Drugs (Acid Again Remix) [MBM Remix Project] Unreleased
Tino :: Doomsday Dub [Tino’s Breaks Vol.6 :: Hallowe’en Dub] TinoCorp
Phluidbox :: Altered [Alter EP] spa.RK
The Luxury Tax :: Tush [Eat Garbage EP] Budget Cuts Music
Squarepusher :: F-Train [Do You Know Squarepusher?] Warp
Smyglyssna :: Elastic Egos [We Can Fix It] Vertical Form
Funckarma :: Grandma’s Leave [Part 3] DUB
Captain Ahab :: I Wanna Love you Like a Robot [Bot Pirate EP] Irritant
Solvent :: Hergly Bergly [Snow Robots Comp#2] Suction
Bolzbolz :: 32nd Lesson [The Forgotten Sounds of Tomorrow] Ersatz Audio
Fad Gadget :: Collapsing New People [Collapsing New People] Mute
Octopus Inc. :: Sesto Annankato [Fluid Freedom] Kracfive
Captain Stephanie :: The Capiflexible [Caca Poussiere] Mouthmoth
Miles Davis :: Ray’s Idea [Highhat Allstars :: 1955] Fresh Sound

Playlist #22 feat. Another Electronic Musician live re-broadcast


Esem :: Eloki [Ikae EP] Defocus
Transllusion :: Disrupted Neural Gateway [Mind Over Positive & Negative Dimensional Matter] Supremat
Cardboardmen :: Synthesis [Dated] Toshoklabs
Proem :: No_Carrier [No_Carrier EP] Component
Bola :: Magnasushi [Fyuti] Skam
Inf :: Canadian Peach [Dreamers Of Dreams MP3] Enough
Sense :: Light Blue [Red/Blue :: Sense/Xhale Split] Civik
Line Noise/Bipolar Controller :: The Inssonrodnona [Demo] Laced Milk
Digitonal :: Seraphim [23:thingsfallapart] Toytronic
Portland :: TBLRBL [Fragile Consitution] n5MD
Another Electronic Musician :: *LIVE* Re-Broadcast from 08.31.02
3 copies of Another Electronic Musician *LIVE* CDR Giveaway
Richard Devine :: Swap, Trigger [Lipswitch] Warp/Schematic
Tones on Tail :: Performance [Performance] Beggars Banquet
Front 242 :: Welcome to Paradise [Front by Front 88-89] Epic
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult :: A Daisy Chain 4 Satan [Cuz It’s Hot] Wax Trax
Cabaret Voltaire :: I Want You [I Want You] Virgin
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Set Your Receivers [Original Fire] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: It’s the Music [Original Fire] PIAS
Solenoid :: Ingrid [Ingrid/Bike 7\”] Audraglint
Boards of Canada :: 1969 [Geogaddi] Warp
Jay Migliori :: Full House [The Courage EP] Discovery

Playlist #21

InterMix :: Targeted [INterMIX] Third Mind
Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Modula :: Electraset [Audio Dismantle] Surgery
Portland :: Duce Duce [Fragile Institution] n5MD
Excess Flood :: Alien Replicons [Teknology EP] Systorm Technologies
Pacman & Colongib and You :: Basket Of Groove [Pacman & Colongib 2] Obtain Freedom
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Three Floors Above You [Actual Sounds + Voices] PIAS
Emergency Broadcast Network :: Electronic Behavior Control System [Telecommunication Breakdown] TVT
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: Number #9 Bad Acid [The House of God] Hangman
Jack Dangers :: Echo in Space [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
Front 242 :: Headhunter V1.0 [Front by Front 88-89] Epic
Front Line Assembly :: Mindphaser [Tactical Neural Implant] Third Mind
Skinny Puppy :: Morpheus Laughing [Too Dark Park] Nettwerk
Snog :: Corporate Slave [Corporate Slave] Machinera
Gridlock :: Front [Trace] Possessive-Blindfold
Autechre :: Gantz_Graf [Gantz_Graf] Warp
Gimmik :: Eine Geschichte [Rythmus Der Stad EP] Toytronic
Phluidbox :: Willschism [ep2 Motion Re(e)leases Series] spa.RK
Japanese Telecom :: Japanese Animation [Japanese Telecom] Intuit Solar
Tim Koch :: Switch Invert [Shorts in Alaska] DeFocus
Telefon Tel Aviv :: TTV [Farenheit Fair Enough] Hefty
Boom Boom Satellites :: A Moment Of Silence (Trapezoid Mix) [Push Eject] R&S
Jello :: Vibe-A-Rolla [Voile] Peacefrog
Disjunction Reunion :: Busted Woofer [Computer Dead Reckoning] Couchblip!