Playlist #7

Esem :: Eloki.Neaudu [Enveloped] Defocus
Boards of Canada :: In a Beautiful Place out in the Country
Renku :: Track 1 [CDR01] Renku Corp
Maps & Diagrams :: Ti Sta Bene Il Marone [Maps & Diagrams/Broca Split] Cactus Island
Lexaunculpt :: The Conversation Gone Awry [MD2] n5MD
ML :: DRG/N/DRP [MD1] n5MD
Tino :: Basic Rudiments [Tino’s Breaks :: Vol 1 & 2] TinoCorp
Tino :: Jazz Overload [Tino’s Breaks :: Vol 1 & 2] TinoCorp
Bauri :: It Doesn’t Matter [Initial Release] Surgery
Modula :: Course [Audio Dismantle] Surgery
Mik La Vage :: Your Future Revealed [2002AD :: ANalog2Digital] Surgery
Esem :: Tanji [Enveloped] DeFocus
R/Forslund :: Violet Child [Neferiu Sampler] Neferiu
Ecotone/Mantra :: Barm [Stereo] Neferiu
Octopus Inc. :: Goldbug [Penguin Mechanics :: Vol III] Kracfive
Kettel :: Not Gonna Get [Dreim] Kracfive
Diagram of Suburban Chaos :: Rooftop [Status Negatives] Imputor?
Boards of Canada :: 1969 [Geogaddi] Warp
Bloq :: The Potato Barn [Couchblip!] Couchblip!
Broca :: Sei Cosi’ Dolce [Maps & Diagrams/Broca Split 7\”] Cactus Island
Xhale :: Dark Red [Red/Blue Split w/ Sense] Civik
Ekko :: Corkscrew [Incarnate Perspective] Post Contemporary
Vapourspace :: Karmic Dub of Sativa [Incarnate Perspective] Post Contemporary
Bad Loop :: Lumme [Kahvi Collection :: Favorite Things] Kahvi
Bola :: Pae Paoe [Fyuti] Skam
Lowfish :: Dead House [Misery Loves Company] Ersatz Audio
Bauri :: Undivided [Slacker Journal] Neo Ouija
Patio :: Behind Bike Sheds [Parallel Play] Involve
Aspen :: Eeez [Album] Elephant Electronic
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Thumb [Actual Sounds & Voices] PIAS
Jay Migliori :: Big G [The Courage EP] Discovery

Playlist #6

Esem :: Eloki [Ikae EP] DeFocus
Boards of Canada :: 1969 [Geogaddi] Warp
Bauri :: Undivided [Slacker Journal] Neo Ouija
Plaid :: Coat [P-Brane EP] Warp
Nikakoi :: Mtavary [Further Electronics V.1] E:motion
Disjunction Union :: Busted Woofer [Computer Dead Reconing] Couchblip!
Robokoneko :: Remind Me One Day [Other Animals] Couchblip!
Portland :: I’m not Like Me [Unreleased] Spencer Lytle demo
Proem :: 3 Days before I Move [Among Others] n5MD
Gridlock :: Caloc [Live.Traces] n5MD
ML :: Sneakerwave [Everyone Looks Like Somebody Else] n5MD
Jack Dangers :: Exercise For the Left Hand [Tino’s Breaks :: Vol.1 & 2 Comp] TinoCorp
Bo Square :: Radio 2000 [Sizing Things Up] TinoCorp
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: Telephone Sounds [Mind Control EP] TinoCorp
Jack Dangers :: The Human Voice [Sounds of the 20th Century] TinoCorp
Sounds of the 20th Century :: TinoCorp Promo [Flexidisc Vellum \”Box\” Set] Flexidisc
Colongib :: Giraffunkedgazz (Colongib vsMiragliuolo) [Mapping Music] Kracfive
Original Instrument :: Bop Me [Original Instrument] Kracfive
Octopus Inc. :: Sunburnt [Fluid Freedom] Kracfive
Kettel :: Top Space [Dreim] Kracfive
b9 :: Youthful Dancesteps [Infiltrator] MusicSystem
Diagram of Suburban Chaos :: Clog [Status Negatives] Imputor?
Diagram of Suburban Chaos :: Meta ii [Status Negatives] Imputor?
Aspects of Physics :: [Systems of Social Recalibration] Imputor?
Syntetika :: Gliss [100% Syntetika] Shaped Harmonics
Squarepusher :: My Red Hot Car [My Red Hot Car] Warp
Thug :: Vast [Amalgamation] Component
Syndrone :: Airport2 [Integral Components] Component
Maps & Diagrams :: Ti Sta Bene Il Marone [Split 7\”] Cactus Island
Sense :: Dark Blue [Red/Blue Split w/ Xhale] Civik
String Theory :: Multi [Anhedonia] The Consumers Research Development
Novel 23 :: P.L[Shaman Efforts :: Dedicated to all Pioneers] Obtain Freedom
Bauri :: The Slacker Journal [Slacker Journal] Neo Ouija
Boards of Canada :: Music is Math [Geogaddi] Warp

Playlist #5

Romanowski :: World Wide Waternet [2002 :: Upcoming Selections] XLR8R
Esem :: Eloki [Ikae EP] DeFocus
Bad Loop :: Ty Hji Oe [Favorite Things] Kahvi
Benge :: Logans Walk [The Condition of Muzak] Expanding
Abfahrt Hinwil :: Links Oben [The Condition of Muzak] Expanding
Herrmann & Kleine :: Still Tired [Our Noise] Morr Music
Andre Estermann :: Yego L[Ballon] Sellwell
Lowfish :: Dead House [Misery Loves Company] Ersatz Audio
Aphex Twin :: Icct Hedra (Edit) [I care Because you do..] Warp
Sense :: Icyltap [Annexe :: Cottage Industries 2] Neo Ouija
Broca :: Sei Cosi’ Dolce [Split 7\”] Cactus Island
Gridlock :: Caloc [Live.Traces] n5MD
Fire Escape :: Space Limbo [Unreleased] Jonny Stephens
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Original Control V.2 [Satyricon] Mute
Bass Kittens :: [4 Things I Hate About You] Pretension
Jack Dangers :: No Secrets No Surprises [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
Tino :: Tino’s Beat [2002 :: Upcoming Selections] XLR8R
+ One :: Bik [Other Animals] Couchblip!
Portland :: I’m not Like Me [Unreleased] Spencer Lytle
Another Electronic Musician :: One Night Stand [Untitled CDR Version 1 Demo] Jase Rex
Eight Frozen Modules :: Garlic Catalyst [Random Activities & Broken Sunsets] Phthalo
Bad Loop :: Lumme [Favorite Things] Kahvi Collective
Kettel :: Kyn [Cenny EP] Dub
Plaid :: MFaus [P-Brane EP] Warp
Joel Alexander :: Untitled Track 2 [Unreleased] Joel G.
Lusine ICL :: Spacecake [Integral Components] Component
Vesna :: Aesde [Aesde/Mone EP] n5MD
Altern8 :: Armageddon (Radi 8 Mix) [Infiltrate 202 EP] Network
Bass Construction :: Dance With Power (Tripper Mix) [Dance with Power (The Remixes)] Passion Music
Urban Hype :: A Trip to Trumpton [Raving Mad] Elevate
Andy Greenman vsSigner :: Untitled Track 4 [2002 :: Involve Sampler] Involve
Boards of Canada :: Alpha & Omega [Geogaddi] Warp